5 Things Holding You Back from Success in Binary Options Trading

holding you backOn the roadmap to success with binary options trading, there are a number of things that might be in your way and keeping you from reaching the goals that you set out for yourself. While each individual’s goals will vary, everybody who is involved in binary options trading is doing so because they want to earn money, whether they’re looking for a side venture to fund their retirement to hoping to reach billionaire status by the end of the year. Although some so-called experts would like to lead you to believe there is a magical formula that will lead to ultimate riches and success in binary options trading, the reality is there are too many factors that go into it for a simple strategy to work every time. Rather than looking for that magical formula to solve all of your problems, take a look at some of these common obstacles which may be holding you back and keeping you from reaching your dreams.

1. Lack of preparation

lack of preparationEasily one of the biggest and also potentially most damaging reasons for failure when it comes to trading binary options is a lack of preparation. Although binary options trading is not as complicated as some of the other types of trading that are available such as forex, it is important for traders to take time learning strategies and understanding exactly how it works before jumping in and making random trades. Learning strategies from others is important in the beginning, but it’s even more important to work hard to develop your own strategy and use your own experiences to make your own decisions. That means putting in the necessary work to understand everything you need to know about binary options trading and to continue to keep an eye on the markets you’re trading in to identify trends that can help you make better trading decisions. To test new strategies traders should use their notebook and demo accounts offered by many binary brokers.

2. Lack of adaptation

Lack to adaptThe whole point of the market is that it is constantly changing. If it always stayed the same, there would be no money to be made, particularly when it comes to binary options trading. However, some people have a hard time adapting to the changes in the market and get stuck using the same strategies. This can work for a while if the market is following a certain trend for a time, but it will work against the trader as soon as the market changes. A successful trader will have the ability to quickly adapt to the changes in the market and make the appropriate changes to their strategies so that they can continue to make money in any type of market environment. It is important to keep in mind that completely and constantly changing your strategy can also be a negative because it is important to be comfortable and familiar with the strategies you are using as you make just minor adjustments to follow current market trends. If you research one of the most successful binary options signals services that has been helping traders for a few years now, you will find out that their signals and their trading strategy have changed over time adapting to the market conditions, as well as, optimising the trading system for more wins and fewer losses.

3. Over-complication

Over complicationWhile an overly-simplified, unchanging strategy can hurt your success, the opposite is also true. Many people find themselves failing at binary options trading because they’ve over-complicated the process with advanced indicators and complicated charts. What happens is they get too wrapped up in creating a strategy that will predict the market moves and they run out of time to actually implement the strategy, or by the time they narrow down their prediction, the change has already occurred and they need to readjust, taking more time and effort. At the end of the day, binary options trading is not in itself overly complicated which means your strategies don’t need to be, either. Keep your strategy simple with room for error and you’re good to go.

4. Bad timing

Bad timingGetting the timing of trades correct could make the difference between a huge gain and a huge loss very easily. Sometimes, people can identify a move in the market but may enter too early and either not profit at all, or lose because the change they are anticipating hasn’t actually occurred yet. On the other hand, people who recognize a trend but aren’t completely sure about it may end up waiting too long and then the market changes and they end up with a loss rather than a gain. Unfortunately, the only thing to be done about this is to practice and to be aware of the timing of trades. If you feel like you have a good feel of where the market is headed but are still losing, try paying more careful attention to the timing in which you are placing your trades. Making simple adjustments to when you place your trades could end up making all the difference in your success as a trader.

5. Lack of confidence

Need for confidenceThe truth of the matter is that no matter what type of strategy you employ and no matter how good your timing is, you’re going to face a loss at some point or another. But, how you face that loss will determine how well you do in the next one. When you allow a few losses in a row to shake your confidence, it will throw you off your game and could have you losing more because of a loss of focus. To make sure you stay confident, you first need to set up realistic goals for yourself and recognize that not every trade you make will be a win. The next way you can minimize your fear and stress is by making lower risk trades that have a higher chance of success even if the payout is smaller and by being sure that you are trading within your means.


If you want to be a successful binary options trader, it is vital that you carefully study the things that are really the roadblocks to success. Identify any areas where you might be holding yourself back and then begin to work to reverse the damage and clime slowly and surely towards success. Luckily there are services out there that can help you become a much better and profitable trader. These services helped thousands of users and turned housewifes (no disrespect, a figure of speech) into earning traders. Very good mentoring programs for binary options traders are mentioned in this article, but for forex traders the Forex Mentor and Vladimir’s seem to be quite popular among users and well respected.

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  1. Many people focus on how to win as fast as possible and that blocks them in many ways. Sometimes we think how to improve ourselves but forgot to free ourselves from the “bad things”. It’s a very good that you’ve posted it, so people can reflect upon it. Thank you.

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