Binary Robot 365 Review – Automated Trading FREE

Binary Robot 365 Review – Automated Trading

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This is an in-depth review of the BinaryRobot365 trading service based on automated trading on user accounts.

Trading robots are based on computer algorithms used for technical analysis and trading on financial platforms. Algorithms are sets of specific rules and responses based on automatic and predefined calculations.

Trading robots are nothing new in the financial world. In fact, they been in operational on Wall Street for well over a decade, for moving huge sums of money in the markets.

Frequency trading is another example where automated calculations combined with a set of implemented specific instructions allows robotic trading on multiple assets within milliseconds, something that would be impossible to accomplish by a human trader.

Today, almost every big Wall Street name is chasing AI robot technologies where AI will program and adjust automatically the algorithms used in such trading robots. As expected, JP Morgan is heavily involved. (read FT article)

Can robots trade better than humans?

human vs robotsThe main premise behind robot trading is that it can do it better than humans, or at the least, most humans. Although there is definitely some truth to that for binary options, not everyone will agree. Some traders believe that in specific trading strategies human input is simply irreplaceable.

However, that fact remains that there are many advantages of robot trading. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Robots have no emotions, which is why they don’t make decisions based on greed, fear, or hope.
  • Robots are very precise, which is why they are perfect for financial trading.
  • Robots don’t forget and they don’t get tired.

As humans, we experience many emotions which hinder our progress as a trader. Greed, fear, and hope have been the underlying cause of downfall of many traders, even those with many years of trading experience. Why? Because emotions influence and dictate our actions to a great extent and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to turn them off completely.

robot tradingWhen a trading robot is programmed correctly, it will execute its strategy and rules very quickly and very precisely. Speed is essential in successful trading and indecision can lead to many missed opportunities in the markets.

Think about how many times you have missed a trade because you were unsure if your analysis was correct? Trading robots don’t hesitate and they don’t make any errors either, unless they are programmed incorrectly or inadequately.

People make mistakes all the time. And the more tired they are, the more mistakes they tend to make. They forget to consider things in their analysis which can have disastrous effect and expose them to greater risks.

Robots don’t forget anything, each decision is verified by examining all the parameters that are programmed into the system. They also never get tired doing all the calculations of each trade. They can analyse and trade round the clock, seven days a week and with the same intensity.

BinaryRobot365 – Does it work?

Before we delve into the BinaryRobot365 company and its structure, let’s see if the platform delivers on the promise. Trading binary options using automated robots can have its advantages and it seems that the designers of the system thought about them a great deal. It’s no wonder it is one of the most popular robot trading service.

binaryrobot365 platform view

They created a platform which allows users to very quickly and efficiently connect the trading robot to a live (or demo) account with a binary broker. This allows the robot to execute trades on user accounts without the need for any user participation. Their online system syncs their robot to the broker and it trades on the user’s behalf.

Results can vary. There are users who claim they have set up the system, went to sleep and woke up $1000 richer the following day. There are also those that claim the robot blew their account. The good news is that the whole system and the robot can not lose more than the deposited amount.

Due to the all-or-nothing nature of binary options and the unpredictability of the market, one can not say that a trading robot will always produce fantastic results. The same goes for a professional binary trader.

However, a well programmed trading robot should be able to trade binary options much better than a beginner. BinaryRobot365 claims wins of up to 90% and it is possible, however one should not expect to see such great results every week or month.

automated live trades

Here are some of the most recent trades executed by the BinaryRobot365.

robot365 recent trades

Of course, past result do not guarantee or even imply future results. Please keep that in mind before you sign up to this, or any  other signalling and trading service.

The BinaryRobot365 website features top 10 traders in their system who achieve highest returns out of all users. Here is a screen capture of few of them.

top users trading with binaryrobot365

We have no way of knowing whether these results from top traders displayed on their website are authentic but if they are, then the results are very impressive. These three traders show an average win rate of over 82% which is very good by any standard.

The results also show total profit generated by the trading system, number of trades executed by the robot, and all time ROI (Return On Investment). These statistics show that the trading robot is capable of producing very good results, but one question remains. Why do the results differ? If they are using the same trading robot, shouldn’t all users have the same results?

The manual configuration of BinaryRobot365

The main reason why users of the system will have different results is because of different configurations of the Binary robot. Most users, when they sign up, they are offered a standard configuration, which enables all automated strategies across all available assets.

This screen shows the default configuration of the trading robot. As you can imagine this type of full configuration will produce many trades within 24 hours.

Strategies used by Binaryrobot365

Especially since the entire system only offers very short-term binary trades of 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

timeframes used by robot


More experienced traders can tweak the trading robot and choose the trading methods, indicators, and assets which they feel will work better.  This can be configured manually and as such, the trading robot can be manually optimized. That is why many users will have different results using the BinaryRobot365.

The robot takes over with one click.

It is truly surprising to see how easy it is to start using the trading robot offered by BinaryRobot365. As soon as the user is registered with the platform and the chosen broker, he/she get full access to the platform. All is really needed to start the robot robot on your binary options account is to switch the autotrading feature to ON. The switch is huge and can not be missed.

auto trading with 1 click

A single click on the platform will turn on the auto-trading feature.  Nothing more is needed. The robot will trade actively on your linked binary account. Currently the option robot can only be used with two binary brokers, Greenfields and Toroption, both of which are unregulated unfortunately.

It is a shame that the robot trading and the platform is not integrated with more binary brokers, especially those that are fully regulated. Perhaps this is an indication of the legitimacy of the system.

Surely, for the benefit and universality of their system, the owners of the BinaryRobot365 tried to include and work with regulated binary brokers. It can be assumed that they were unsuccessful most likely due to the nature of their service and possibly also their company structure. Regulated binary brokers with existing large user base are unlikely to stake their hard-earned reputation on third-party unregulated systems.

If it’s FREE, how do they make money?

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive features of the BinaryRobot365 and also one that begs an explanation is the fact that it is a free service. How can that be, you ask? If people are making money using the robot how come they don’t charge for it?

There is a saying in the tech marketing community that if something is offered for free, it’s because the user is the main product.

Google or Facebook also offer free services and products, but they still make a lot of money.  In the case of the BinaryRobot365, this is similar albeit much simpler.

Every time a user signs up to their trading robot and one of the binary brokers integrated in the system, they receive a payment from the binary broker for introducing a new user.

This is a simple system that beneficial to the user, since he/she does not have to pay anything to use the system. A deposit is required but that becomes the user’s trading capital. No additional premiums are taken for using the system.

It is very likely that BinaryRobot365 also have other commission structures set up with their partnering brokers.  Additional commissions or bonuses could be issued based on the number of introduced traders per month and on large trading volumes.


The BinaryRobot365 software is very well programmed. The strategies and indicators used in their system are known and used by many technical traders. Indicators can not be configured individually but they have been optimized by professional traders to produce optimal results.

The website, where all the trading on the user’s end happens, is fast, intuitive and responsive, and all pages and data is served over a secure https connection.

The system is also extremely easy to use set up and to configure. Beginners can launch their robot trading for free within seconds of opening an account.

Sceptical users can see the binary robot in action using a demo account which is also offered. The demo account has the same functionality as a live account.

The only downside to the service is that it is integrated with unregulated brokers. We always recommend using regulated brokers if possible. The BinaryRobot365 service could greatly benefit from having regulated brokers integrated with their trading system.

Letting the robot do all the trading for you can be quite exciting, and in the right conditions, also very profitable. However, just like in any type of trading no results can ever be guaranteed and there are recorded incidents where users lost all their initial deposit.

However, for beginners who want to try binary options but have no idea how to trade themselves, this fully automated trading robot could be the answer.

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