Exchange Traders Review – Live Trading Sessions $87

Exchange Traders Review – Live Trading Sessions

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UPDATE 29.12.2017: This service is no longer operational. Links point to a similar service. This is a review of live trading sessions called Exchange Traders that is run by the same traders who gave us NightOwl signals. This is the first fully dedicated binary options trading service focused on Nadex. For those who don’t know, NADEX is the only regulated options exchange in the USA.

This is very significant because this makes it completely legal to use for US citizens. It is much better to trade with regulated broker as it offers a high degree of assurance that the broker is being watched by an outside regulating body. It also means that channels of filing complaints are in place and can be acted on in case of malpractice.

Trading Live

The people behind Exchange Traders created a service to meet user feedback. There was a need for a service that would deal only with Nadex. Trading on their platform is a bit different from trading on other binary options brokers. The interface is unique and there are additional functionalities and options available.

Fortunately, both Nadex and Exchange Traders, provide full explanation and guidance for beginner traders using their platform. Also, the live video feed show users exactly what the trader is doing and how he is doing it. High definition quality streaming makes viewing the live sessions very easy and Chris tries to describe everything in real time.

Nadex platform view

Trading only 1 Hour a day from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM EST

The live trading sessions start at 8:30am Eastern Standard Time and last until 9:30am. Some may argue that trading one hour a day is not enough but the truth is that trading for an hour a day can bring consistent profits with the right system and concentration.

Exchange traders review

We’ve tried the system and trading one hour a day  feels right, especially for those who can’t or don’t want to spend long hours in front of their monitor screen following the price action.

Let’s face it, not everyone who wants to make money trading short term options wants to do it professionally. There are those who love their day jobs.

Most traders want to supplement their existing income with a few trades per week. If you fall into this category, and you live in the US, Exchange Traders should be the right service for you.

With win ratio above 75% the aim of the trading room is to finish every week in profit. Chris talks about upcoming news and economic releases and looks at various technical indicators on his charts.

He explains everything quite fluently and there is a chat line open to ask questions.

This video will show you how easy it is to follow Chris in his live trading room.

A few final words

Some may argue that trading one hour a day is not enough but the truth is that trading for an hour a day can bring consistent profits with the right system and approach. The professional traders behind Exchange Traders, having on offer two other live trading sessions, namely 2 hours during the the US and Asian sessions, are very experienced in what they do.

They understand the public demand and use of such live trading sessions and they do their best to meet the expectations of their subscribing members. The ‘hands on’ teaching experience coupled with a live streaming is really an eye opener, especially for beginning traders.

For those who live in the USA and want to try to trade binary options with a regulated broker, the Exchange Traders offers the opportunity to learn how to use Nadex’ unique trading platform.

However, the most important aspects of Exchange Traders are the live technical analysis, on-point market commentary, and last, but certainly not least, the winning signals and trades which you can copy on your own account in real-time.

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Links point to a similar service. Exchange Traders is no longer available.


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