Jason Bond Picks Review – Penny Stocks Signals for Swing Traders $99

Jason Bond Picks Review – Penny Stocks Signals for Swing Traders

  • Signals send via email
  • Live trading sessions
  • Signal accuracy
  • Service transperancy

Although this website was created with binary options in mind our ultimate goal is to help you make money in the markets. We owe it to our readers who also trade Forex and company stocks to sometimes review services that are more relevant to their type of trading. Having said that, it will be beneficial to binary traders to diversify their portfolio to include stocks, commodities, and futures.

With this in mind we want to introduce a service that is one of the best in picking low priced stocks, sometimes called penny stocks, that are about to rise in value, if not explode. This service has thousands of worldwide followers and is free to start with.

Who is Jason Bond?

who is jason bondNo, he is not a secret government agent but given his talent to predict the markets some may wonder if in fact he is not an insider. All jokes aside, Jason is a talented guy who used to work as a teacher, holds a Master’s Degree in Education, and then turned to trading in the financial markets. Needless to say he was doing so well that he decided to quit his secure collage position to pursue a full time career in stock trading.

Very early on he noticed that low-priced stocks (under $10) make very good and affordable investments that with the right momentum behind them could grow quite substantially in a matter of few hours or days. His picks and signal timing were so accurate that he quickly made a name for himself as a swing trader. He’s been featured in prominent financial publications such as Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, The Street, Seeking Alpha among many others.

Jason Bond past

Although he became the talk of Wall Street he felt that something was missing in his life and teaching still resonated with him. He decided to combine his passion for swing trading with his passion for teaching to help others make money in the markets. Soon after JasonBondPicks.com was created in 2011, Jason has been joined by thousands of faithful members who receive his stock buying alerts and one of the finest online mentoring programs in trading. In fact Jason claims that if you give him 90 days he will make you a pro trader. (Read more about his mentoring program below)

Few words about swing trading

swing tradingSwing trading is simply a style of trading that is focused on sudden short-term moves that last anywhere between one to six days. A swing trader mostly focuses on technical analysis and looks for price patters and trends for his/her entry and exit points. Jason lets most of his trades usually run for a couple of days. His trading is mostly based on 1 hour and 4 hour charts so it is much more stable than trading 1 or 5 minute charts which carry a lot of market noise and indecision between investors. The best thing about swing trading and using Jason Bond Picks alerts is that you don’t have to be glued to the monitor all day long.

Jason’s alerts are sent via email and text

email alerts and textThe stock alerts are sent via email or text message with exact instructions on what and when to buy and sell and where to place your stop losses. You will receive 3-5 swing alerts per week; signals which can be followed by anyone even without any experience in trading. The alerts are sent in real-time, which means that as soon as Jason and his team find a trading opportunity they send the signal out and enter the trade. Unlike many binary options signals Jason’s alerts will actually give you more time to enter the trade since the  chart used for analysis are of higher time frame such as the 1 hour. Keep in mind, however that it is always best best to enter the trade as soon as you receive the signal. If you see that the price has substantially moved since you received the signals it’s best to let the trade go and focus on the next trade, unless it’s still far from it’s exit point.

Jason Bond’s Penny Stock signals accuracy

This year Jason made over 176% profit in trading, this is verified by a third party. On average he takes 3-5 trades per week supported by technical and fundamental analysis, which he also shares with subscribers. Let’s look at some of his most recent trades (02.11.2015)

  • CRRS – $39,076 profit in 2 days
  • LQMT – $20,2015 profit in 4 days
  • RGSE – $26,000 profit in 4 days
  • GEVO – $10,000 profit in 2 days

These results speak for themselves but the most impressive thing about Jason’s signalling and mentoring service is that it keeps receiving positive testimonials from its long-standing members.

Jason’s Swing Trading Program

Jason’s tailors his service to provide the working professional with an active swing trading strategy that wins regularly and requires only only 3 to 5 short-term trades per week. He specializes in trading low-priced stocks which cost between $.01 and $10 per share, sometimes also referred to as penny stocks. Jason often claims that he pays himself 5-20%, it’s because that’s his profit margin for most of his trades which run for 1 to 4 days. In addition to daily watch list and real-time trade alerts by email and text the other features of Jason’s Swing Trading program are,

  • full access to market trading chat room
  • access to online educational video library (very useful)
  • free access to Day Trading room with live video and trading
  • trading towards a goal of $50,000 a year with 10,000 initial deposit

This swing trading is Jason’s main product and highly recommended for beginners. Jason has thousands of active subscribers to this particular program.

Jason Bond statement

His other products include Mentoring Program which is much more demanding in terms of time and user input. But if you feel that you’re ready to take the leap and become a master trader and you want to commit yourself to Jason’s program then know that it is an excellent mentoring platform which also produces a very good profit.

Jason’s Mentoring Program

A special attention should be given to Jason Bond’s new mentoring program which is designed for committed individuals who want to advance their trading skills and multiply their investment. Among other things the program includes:

  • 12-month access to Swing Trading and Day Trading rooms
  • one-on-one consultations and support sessions
  • daily video analysis and lessons
  • access to Jason’s special strategies
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