TradeThunder Review – Binary options broker with $1 trades Free

TradeThunder Review – Binary options broker with $1 trades

  • Fast trade execution
  • 1-Click trading
  • Free demo
  • Low deposit

UPDATE. THIS SERVICE IS NOW CLOSED. From time to time in the binary options comes a refreshing change that may have the ripple effect throughout the entire industry. This new binary broker established in 2015 has already met a wave of enthusiasm from it’s first customers. This review will examine its service and its trading platform to find out why it is becoming the platform of choice for binary options traders, especially those from the USA.

The Leverate’s Bx8 trading platform

Although TradeThunder is a new binary options broker, it’s trading platform runs on Leverate’s Bx8, which was originally build for Forex and now it is optimized to trade binary options. It is a very fast platform that executes trades in milliseconds, a feature that is welcomed by any trader, spot Forex or binary. What we found refreshing is that the platform looks very different from any other platforms that are currently offered by binary brokers. It has a completely unique interface which is easy to understand and to trade on.

TradeThunder online interface (click to enlarge)

Screenshot of TradeThunder online interface (click to enlarge)

The Leverate BX8 platform offers access to over 80 assets in the four major asset classes, which include currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. There are no downloads needed and the platform is fully accessible online via the most known web browsers. The Leverate BX8 trading platform was mentioned in known financial networks such as Bloomberg,, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, and many others

as soon on bloomberg

The platform is designed for beginner, as well as advanced traders. It’s very easy to trade on thanks to its very clear interface and additional features.

1-Click Trading technology makes trading a breeze

The creators behind the TradeThunder trading platform finally gave binary options enthusiast a very useful feature – One-Click trading. This allows the trader to set a preferred trade amount, which remains constant until manually modified, and focus solely on choosing the direction of the trade. One-Click trading can be activated and switched off at any time. It is located right above the main trading window next to the trade amount. Here is a close up of 1-click feature when it is switched off, in its default mode.

One-click trading feature off

To turn this feature on all you need to do is to click the ONE CLICK TRADE red switch.  As soon as it is activated the button will turn green.

1click feature turned on

In addition, a pop up window will confirm the one-click trade mode activation with a brief message: ‘You are now trading one-click mode, each time you select a direction of a trade it is automatically executed’. It should be added that the minimum trade amount required for One-Click trading is $5.

Low minimum deposit of only $20 to start trading

$20 minimum deposit to open accountThis broker really is different in many ways but one of the most surprising is the minimum deposit amount that is required. Where most brokers fail to compromise, TradeThunder really delivers. The minimum account deposit required to start trading in live mode is only $20. We don’t know of any other binary broker that offer a similar requirement. Setting this low limit on deposits allows beginner traders to test the TradeThunder trading platform on a live account with only $20. Keep in mind that with some brokers demo accounts tend to perform better than live accounts so being able to test a live account for a low amount is a nice option to have. In addition to the low minimum deposit, TradeThunder offers standard account types for $200 to $5000 deposits.

Single trade amount of $1 beats any other binary broker

The additional feature that is quite revolutionary is the low $1 minimum trading amount which goes hand in hand with the minimum deposit amount of $20.

It’s quite extraordinary that today, in relation to only a few years ago, you can start trading the world’s financial markets with only $20 to your name, and still have the option of 20 trades!

TradeThunder makes this a possibility. You could potentially start with $20 and trade your way to 50,000 if you’re good. Such low minimum amounts allow even the not-so-well-off to participate in the markets.

How to start trading on TradeThunder

As mentioned earlier trading on the provided platform is very straightforward. When you log in you can choose the assets located on the left side of the trading screen. When you click on each asset, whether it’s a currency or a commodity, it will load to the main viewing area in the middle. See screenshot below

Main trading wondow

You will be presented with four options to trade the selected asset, all with different expiry times of 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. Like most binary options brokers, TradeThunder also offers turbo options of 60 second trades, however they are not in the main viewing window. It is important to understand that trading very short expiry times of 1 minute requires much greater skills and discipline. In a way, not having these options clearly visible at the top of the interface will help many inexperienced traders to stay out of risky investments of trading very short expiry times.

leverate BX8 asset chart

As you can see in the image above, right below the trade buttons is the asset’s chart. The default setting is on 1 hour. If you’re trading shorter expiry, such as the 5, 15, or 30 minutes you should switch to the same chart view as your preferred time frame. If you intend to trade the 5 minute expiry times, for example with BOTS Signals (live trade alerts for 5 minute trades) you should really be looking at the 5 minute chart and not the hourly view. To switch the chart’s time frame simply click on the preferred time. The close up image below shows how the setting is changed from Hour to 15M (15 minutes) view.

chart view changed to 15M

However, the charts provided on the TradeThunder are really only as a very quick reference, they should not be used for proper trading. Indicators or advisers can not be added to any of these charts. We strongly recommend using a dedicated software such as MT4/MT5 or online charts which can be configured for greater analysis. Most serious traders prefer to view the price action as candlestick charts.

Trading 60-seconds options with TradeThunder

In addition to being able to trade 5, 15, 30, Hour trades using One-click technology you can also trade turbo options of 60 second expiry time. These turbo options have a separate and dedicated screen panel located underneath the chart view. The panel is labelled as FAVORITES 60 SEC. In this panel you can choose up to 4 different assets and keep them there for easier access. See screenshot below,

trading 60 seconds on tradethunder

This is a very nice way to keep your favourite assets in one place for quick access. The speed of each trade execution on the Leverate BX8 platform and the One-Click technology allows the trader to explore 1 minute trades with a higher accuracy and better timing.

When you open a trade, i.e. choose high or low, you will automatically see a real-time tick chart and be able to follow your trade’s progress in the place of the traded instrument. See the example below,

tick chart trade progress

The graphical elements clearly show the progress of your trade, the time left to the end (6.7 sec), your entry price, current price, and your payout in dollar amount or in percentage.

Free demo account to test the trading platform

If you’re still not sure whether TradeThunder is any good they make it super easy to open a demo practising account for free. You can a demo account and practice your trading skills on the Leverate’s BX8 trading platform within the next 2 minutes. As with all binary options brokers there is a limitation set on the demo account. You will only have $1000 to spend, but given that you can trade with $1 amounts this will actually give you the possibility to place 1000 trades to test the system. We think that’s quite fair, but remember that trading platform, however crucial to your success in binary options, is not the only thing that makes up a good binary broker.


The withdrawal procedure is a little bit daunting, you need to fill in a quick online form, print it, sign it and send it back either by post or electronically by sending a scan or a photo. They funds are usually issued within 3 business days but the whole withdrawal process takes about 5 working days. You can only withdraw funds to the bank account or credit card that has been used to deposit funds into your account, a procedure which is quite common among binary brokers and serves as a deterrent to money laundering.


Without making huge waves TradeThunder operating on the Leverate BX8 platform is definitely one of the binary options broker to watch. Offering free demo accounts, very low minimum deposit to start trading in live mode,  $1 minimum trades, One-click trading, and simple platform interface, TradeThunder delivers beyond expectations. Their innovative platform and quick order execution give you, the trader, a clear advantage.


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