Ubinary Review – Binary broker with a unique platform Free

Ubinary Review – Binary broker with a unique platform

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When it comes to binary options trading, you need to make sure you subscribe to the very best. Joining a bad broker can cause you grief and a lot of stress and turn you away from binary options that can be so profitable with the right tools. There is no point in going for the second best when your hard-earned money is at stake.

Though Ubinary is among a relatively new lot of binary options brokers, they offer excellent trading experience and fantastic risk tools unmatched by any other broker.  This article will cover all important aspects about the Ubinary service and their trading platform.

The Origins of Ubinary company

Today Ubinary is one of the most recognizable names in binary options trading. They have consolidated their position as a fair binary options broker within this new and competitive industry. Ubinary is the binary options division of the PPT Capital Limited, which is one of the investment firms in Isle of Man Investment Group.

Ubinary london support team

They have garnered a good reputation in the market, primarily due to their reliability, their risk assessment tools, trading platform performance and high quality sales and support. Ubinary have cemented their reputation as one of the best performers in the binary option’s market. They are witnessing a consistent growth, mainly due to their passion and drive to provide an ever changing, dynamic and continuously enhanced trade environment.

The good thing about Ubinary is that their management really takes note of the feedback that comes from their users and optimizes their platform to meet the demands of their users. When you compare Ubinary’s 2011 platform with that of the 2015 one, you will notice a significant difference in almost all areas, especially the ease and speed of trade entry.

Ubinary Trading Room

Once you have signed up, the first thing you will notice is how well designed their trading platform is, which they refer to as the Trading Room. In fact, it qualifies as being the most eye catching platform among all binary options broker trading platforms.

Revisions to the trading platform have been undertaken by keeping user opinions in mind. However, user interface is not the only area that has seen uplift, but the overall trading performance has also improved significantly.

Ubinary platform simplified view

Ubinary trading platform – Simplified view – Click to enlarge

Looking deeper into the platform and you will notice more changes. For example, the platform now has less clutter that makes life of the trader easier. Most usable options such as put and call, along with other frequently used options are located right at the front, left and right corners for easy user access.

Their platform has additional windows for more advanced and insightful viewing for example a social feed. The image below illustrates the expended view of the trading room with additional live market data that can be very useful for trade analysis and market watch.

Ubinary platform expended view

Ubinary trading platform – Expended view – Click to enlarge

Though the Ubinary trading platform still uses the same Paragon EX trading engine, there is a clear improvement to the overall performance and user friendliness. Trading with this platform is now more fun than it was before. Moreover, the platform now comes equipped with the voice activated support and explains all options in detail.

Additional on-screen information

Ubinary trading platform offers some additional feeds that might be helpful for the trader. These include:

  • latest market information – shows changes to the most commonly traded currency pairs,
  • financial news – shows the most recent news updates that may influence the markets,  and also
  • social feed – shows latest trades of other users and lets you follow their future trades.

In addition there is a way to view the candlestick charts directly in the platform. You can access candlesticks view by clicking the small candle icon on the asset window next to the ADVANCED button. (here in picture seen in red)

candlestick charts

Candlestick charts can help you understand the ongoing market activity to a greater extent. Candlestick views are usually preferred by experienced traders. Although having the possibility to view candlesticks charts within the platform is a welcome addition, if you’re basing your trades on technical analysis, you should use the advanced link to get access to a more professional charting software that you can customize.

One of the main advantages to using the charting software that is supplied by your broker is that it is directly linked to the trading platform without any delays.

Types of accounts

Account wise, you have the following options to choose from:

Micro account – The most basic type of account, the micro account can be opened by depositing just $250. The account offers free signals for 2 weeks and a free training course is available. The payout rate ranges between 70-75% on average with 20% initial bonus.

Mini account – Slightly more advanced in features than the micro account, users can open this account by depositing $500. It also comes with free training and 1 month worth of free signals package. Payout ranges between 75-80% on most trades with 25% opening bonus.

Standard account – As their names suggest, the standard account is the most basic type that offers basic trade functions. As a beginner’s platform, it also has an elaborate tutorial and has an inbuilt training program integrated. You can open this account by depositing $1000. You also get a 30% bonus, free signals and training and up to 80% payout on most trades.

Gold account – The Gold account is for meant for more experienced traders. It features fast trade options along with standard ones and is not meant for the beginners. You can open it by depositing $5000, package includes free signals and training, 40% bonus, expert guide and up to 90% payout rate on most trades.

VIP account – The top of the line is the VIP account, which is the epitome of what the Ubinary has to offer to their clients. This account is only meant for professional traders who know the market inside out. One can name it as the culmination of all the advanced binary options in this platform. You can open this account by depositing minimum $10,000. Additional services include free training and signals package, up to $5000 initial bonus, up to 95% payout on most winning trades and free expert advice on trades. Clearly it is the best option targeted to a specific clientelle.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Ubinary is among one of the best in the business. Most of their customer support team is based in London. There is an elaborate customer support available in many languages and time zones. Further, traders are offered with more communication options such as live chat, e-mail and telephone for a smooth communication process.

Payouts and Withdrawals

The company offers a speedy payout and withdrawal process to the same card that was used to make the deposits.

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